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Vertel?s Couple Bonding Fun Card Game.

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The goal of this cards game is to playfully talk about the things that are important, collect pleasant memories, share gratitude, dream about the future, and to make plans to fulfill these dreams. More difficult questions can also be discussed. The questions are positive and broad enough to be answered by everyone, and the depth of the answers are up to you. Vertellis,meaning "tell us more" in Dutch, is the recommendation to ask follow-up questions for a better conversation: "oh ,love, will you tell me more about that?" How to play: The rounds are divided into 3 categories: together & alone, dreaming & doing & characteristics, habits & achievements. Each turn, one of you picks a card from the deck. Most questions to be answered by the person that reads the card. Some questions are directed to both of you, & in this case you"ll answer separately.

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