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Luxury Multipurpose A5 Notebook With Inbuilt Power Bank

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The Powerful Notebook Gift with Integrated Power Bank:

1. Notebook:

At the core of this innovative gift is a premium-quality notebook. The notebook features a sleek and sophisticated design, with a durable cover that offers both style and protection. The pages inside are made of high-quality, acid-free paper, providing a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. It includes ruled or blank pages, making it suitable for various purposes such as journaling, note-taking, sketching, or planning. The notebook is designed for those who appreciate the tactile joy of putting pen to paper.

2. Integrated Power Bank:

What sets this notebook apart is its integrated power bank. Cleverly concealed within the notebook's spine or cover is a high-capacity power bank. This power bank is equipped with a USB port or multiple ports, allowing the recipient to charge their electronic devices on the go. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, e-reader, or any other USB-compatible device, the integrated power bank ensures that they stay connected and powered up, even when away from electrical outlets. The notebook's power bank is rechargeable, providing a convenient and reliable source of portable power.

3. Charging Cables and Adapters:

To make the gift even more practical, a set of charging cables and adapters is included. These accessories are neatly tucked into a designated pocket or compartment within the notebook, ensuring they are always at hand when needed. The cables are compatible with a variety of devices, offering versatility and convenience for the recipient.

4. 8GB flash drive:

The notebook also features an 8gb flash drive , ensuring that the recipient always has their information within reach.

5. Elegant Gift Box:

The entire gift, including the notebook and integrated power bank, is beautifully presented in an elegant gift box. The packaging is adorned with a modern and minimalist design, making it visually appealing and ready for gifting on various occasions.


The Powerful Notebook Gift with Integrated Power Bank is a versatile and thoughtful gift suitable for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or as a gesture of appreciation for a tech-savvy friend or family member. It's perfect for professionals, students, creatives, or anyone who values both analog and digital tools in their daily life. This gift seamlessly combines the charm of a traditional notebook with the practicality of portable power, offering a unique and indispensable tool for the modern world

This luxury notebook is everything any busy person male or female needs in their life! From day to day in between meeetings away from and in the work place you're sorted out without a doubt.. Whether for self, a boss, colleague, friend,family or acquaintance it's a gift they will appreciate..

Wanna know Why?

  • Perfect size A5
  • Lockabe to ensure your personal info is safe .
  • Has an inbuilt 8000Mah powerbank.
  • Has 3 inbuilt charging cables; Type c, iphone, android cables.
  • Has loose pages than can be replaced when full.
  • Has several card slots.
  • The cover is soft Velvetish leather thats wipable incase it gets dusty .

See why this is the best buy for a gift? Just perfect for any occasion, Very thoughtful, functional and memorable kind.



Can be Personalized with your Preferred Artwork at a small fee on a Pre-Order basis only. Pay for it and allow us 24hrs to process your order.

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