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Welcome to Gift World Kenya Online Shopping Store !

Whiskey Stones & Crystal Glass Box Set

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Absolutely! A whisky stones and glass gift set is a delightful present for any whisky lover. The set typically includes a selection of smooth, non-porous stones that are designed to be placed in the freezer and used to chill your favorite dram without diluting it.


These stones maintain the perfect temperature, ensuring your whisky stays cool while preserving its full flavor. Additionally, the gift set usually includes a set of sleek and elegant whisky glasses. These glasses are carefully crafted to enhance the whisky tasting experience, allowing the aromas to concentrate and the flavors to fully unfold. They are a joy to hold and are designed to heighten the enjoyment of every sip.

In the box: 1 × crystal whisky glasses , 4× soap stone whisky stones , 1× velvet whisky stones bag ,1× pair tongs, 1*coaster , gift card.

This Is perfectly crafted for that person who loves to indulge in style..a practical ,functional and memorable gift idea for all occasions. Unique & presentable.

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