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Newtons Cradle Pendulum Balance Balls- Wooden Base

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Product Features:

Exquisite Workmanship: The copper balls have been accurately measured, and the weight is uniform. The selected base and steel balls are made of high quality materials and have an excellent texture.

Ideal Gift: The classic design makes it an excellent gift for children's family, friends and colleagues, so that they can relieve stress when they need it, and bring fun for children.

Long Swing Time: Due to the resistance of air and friction, the balance ball can last for 15?20 seconds. It is a cool and interesting game, suitable for office workers to avoid anxiety.

Various Gameplay: You can find a variety of gameplays, for example, a ball at one end hits the neighbor, the ball at the other end hits the air, and the ball in the middle stays still.

Relieve Stress: Balance pendulum ball is a charming desk decoration that can not only add beauty to the room, but also relieve your stress when playing.



Product Specifications:

Main Material: Wood + Metal

Size: 15*14*12cm (L*W*H)

Color: Black+Silver


Package List:

1 xBalance Pendulum Ball



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