Vintage Retro Car
Vintage Retro Car
Vintage Retro Car
Vintage Retro Car
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With the Bright Luster, simple and Three Dimensional shape, Feel the vintage style handmade wrought iron, delicate welding in every detail. Embodies the charm of hand made

Retro type offering a dull copy, simple and shoddy yet crafted with detail carefully and processed for your eyes to fall in love.

High quality iron art, full of beautiful patina under natural light. The old tones take you to that vintage era.



Material: Iron

Style: Folk Art

Color: Copper/ Silver

Package size: 23*10*13 cm

Gross Weight: 0.650 kg


  • Old car accessories
  • Cool Metal material classic car
  • Alloy ornaments, retro charm
  • The whole body is assembled by screws, bearing iron pipes, etc.
  • The tough style rotatable wheels show the smart soul, the old craftmanship, and exudes



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