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4pax Picnic Willow Basket

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A picnic basket makes picnicking convenient to help you enjoy a bright and lovely day outside. Most certainly if you opt for a picnic set where you have all the things you will need. Everything is packed neatly inside the basket or bag in its own designated spot.

Picnic preparations will now be a walk in the park literally! We bring you such fantastic picnic baskets fully equipped with the necessary utensils required for use for the day. Just how incredible is this?! Imagine what you will need is just your snacks/food ,refreshments and voila you are good to go! Did we mention its well insulated inside to retain the ideal temperature of your food and refreshments regardless of the weather condition?Well you are now in the know;)

What an incredible functional,practical and memorable gift for yourself, friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances alike!

In the basket;

  • 4* Stem glasses.
  • 4* Side plates.
  • 4* Forks.
  • 4* Spoons.
  • 4* Knives.
  • 1* Insulated lunch bag.
  • 1* wine opener.


Ideal for 4 people but creativity is welcome could suit more!


Description: This high quality basket is made from natural willow. It has rivets to fasten items securely and heavy duty faux leather handles. Additionally it has a lunch bag insulated on the inside. It is laminated with aluminium foil to help maintain the temperature of food items for a longer. 

Notes: Since it is a suitcase style basket you have to rotate it after loading the contents to carry it. So your things will move around inside the basket when you go to do this. It does not have salt and pepper shakers. However this picnic basket is as lovely as it is durable. It has better quality melamine plates instead of plastic ones like most other picnic baskets.

Colours: Wicker with white, blue stripes

Dimensions: 45.2cm x 30.5cm x 19.1cm

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